Why Developer Avocados 🥑?

A few people wrote about Developer Avocados online, and how they were born. We’re not going into that here. We loved the idea of “the good kind of fat” and most important:

A Developer Avocado is someone whose primary responsibility is to make life easier for developers.

And that’s what we do!

Who are we?

Julia is a Developer Advocate for Vonage focusing on low-code technologies and integrations. Maker and breaker of things, explorer of yet another builder tool. Forever challenging the barriers to entry of tech, she is passionate about learning and teaching, creating resources for the community.😉

Laka is a Developer Avocado 🥑 Manager for Fidel. In his spare time he volunteers at Mozilla as a Tech Speaker and a Reps Mentor. He does things for T-Shirts. Might also be a coffee snob.😏