Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am the Director of Developer Relations at Coil where I lead Coil’s strategy for developer engagement globally and build a community around Web Monetization, Interledger, and Coil’s products globally.

Prior to joining Coil, I founded AfricaHacks, a hackathon and Startup Incubation community and platform for learning, creating and connecting with people in tech in Africa and people of African descent.

Additionally, I was part of On Deck, the Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) awardes, and am the Founder of Chimoney, a rewards platform, and API used by Microsoft and others for sending and spending value like mobile money, airtime, cryptocurrencies and gift cards globally.

I speak about financial inclusion, community-building, and African tech. Recently, I was a speaker at the University of Pennsylvania, IdentityNorth, and at DeveloperWeek Global.

What do you feel is the most important part of your job?

Three important pillars of DevRel, in my opinion, are:

  • Education
  • Community and
  • Integration Engineering

All three areas are equally important and depending on the devrel team and stage of the product and company, things might change.

For DevRel at Coil, Developer education is the most important part of the job at the moment. Because we are building new business models for the web and we are early with Interledger and Web Monetization, most of our time is spent on introducing new developers to the technology.

To do education well, we are also working with a community of ambassadors to create content and further amplify the impact of the work that our team does.

What is something you’re struggling with?

Currently struggling with measuring impact.

Metrics like content engagement and participation at programs and events organized by the team are great.

However, I am still struggling with measuring impact from end to end, starting with a DevRel initiative to how that initiative makes an impact for revenue or gets more developers to sign up but most importantly also launch on the platform.

This is something that keeps me up at night and I am constantly working to improve it

Tell us about a time you were inspired by someone or something in DevRel.

I am always inspired when I hear the story of how people got into DevRel. Most times its by accident.

But I am always inspired by the Auth0 DevRel team. The team has a stellar ambassador program with ambassadors globally and they do a great job to include people from around the world and support them to travel and speak at conferences and events. I am inspired by the scale, inclusivity, and impact they are making for their team and the ambassadors who will not have had such an opportunity without Auth0.

What’s one change you’d like to see in DevRel?

With DevRel it feels like there are so many moving parts especially for those new to the career. Something that might be helpful is bringing more clarity and documenting expectations for newer DevRel folks.

Sarah Drasner wrote an article that I think is super amazing for teams and DevRel folks to set expectations and bring clarity to the role. Maybe there is an opportunity for more of that or a DevRel playbook and learning part for those interested in getting started with DevRel.